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In Reproduction, Technology, and Rights, philosophers and ethicists debate the central moral issues and problems raised by Biomedical Ethics Reviews.
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From reproduction to the right to die: bioethics now

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Domestic violence against infertile women in a Turkish setting. Infertility and childlessness: A qualitative study of the experiences of infertile couples in Northern Ghana.

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Law 612 - Reproductive Rights, Medical Ethics & the Law

Afr J Reprod Health ; Greer G. To have or not to have: The critical importance of reproductive rights to the paradox of population policies in the 21 st century. Stakeholders' views on ethical issues in the practice of in-vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer in Nigeria.

Start now for free! Sign up. Overview Bioethics provides an overview of the legal, medical, and ethical questions around reproduction and human genetics and how to apply legal reasoning to these questions. Lesson 1: Buying and Selling Reproductive Materials Identify the major technologies, terms, and concepts relevant to understanding the buying and selling of reproductive materials. Identify key moral objections and potential legal solutions commonly applied to buying and selling eggs, sperm, and embryos.

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Discuss the moral objections and legal solutions to buying and selling reproductive goods as compared to other taboo trades selling organs, prostitution, etc. Lesson 2: Surrogacy Identify the major terms and concepts relevant to understanding surrogacy. Evaluate the degree to which surrogacy contracts should be legally enforceable. Discuss the legal reasoning behind real and hypothetical surrogacy cases.

Lesson 3: Wrongful Life and Wrongful Birth Identify major terms and concepts including torts, damages, remedies, and liabilities.

Ethical Dilemmas in Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Identify the difference between claims to wrongful birth and wrongful life. Lesson 4: Sperm and Egg Donation Discuss when can a sperm donor be held to be the legal father of, or assert such fatherhood over, children produced from his genetic material. Discuss whether or not anonymous sperm donation should be allowed at all.

Identify and discuss key similarities and differences among related cases involving sperm donation. Lesson 5: Sperm Donor Anonymity Identify and discuss key ethical debates related to anonymous sperm donation. Discuss the way various countries around the world do or do not permit anonymous sperm donation. Discuss the rights of donor-conceived children. Discuss obligations of anonymous sperm donors to support the resulting child.

Lesson 6: Enhancement Identify and evaluate different types of pre-birth and post-birth human enhancements. Discuss legal options available to regulate limit, or expand enhancements. This is a good book that offers a friendly, secular approach to the ethical debates over abortion, assisted conception and prenatal diagnosis.

The Ethics of Reproductive Technologies - Lesson 4

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