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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Heather Killough-Walden is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Big Bad Wolf series and the.
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It almost felt like something was … missing? Everything takes place years after the two leads have met, very conveniently at the exact pivotal moment when everything in the whole world ever takes place. Has he been this nice for years?! Has he not proven himself? She absolutely was not about to be spat on by anyone. So she truly was a really really old person lmao.


Yesss, exactly! It had a lot of potential to be problematic, but I think it discussed it really carefully and I loved it! Kings are a theme here! Hopefully I will get a copy soon! I also heard the author is a Wattpad author, which is again super interesting! And king titles are pretty common this year right?! Thank you for the detailed review!

I always feel bad for being nitpicky, but I did think those things threw me out of the story sometimes. But like over all!! It took me a little while to get into the book, but once I did I started loving it. I felt that it was pretty tasteful and that the author did a good job exploring touchier subjects. I do, however, agree with the sarcasm bit. I wish it had a little bit more….

Yes I so agree with you too! I just think the modern slang was a bit too jarring. I have been known to eat whole books for breakfast and talk extensively about the dark side and how many cookies it contains. Read More…. Subscribe to get a little Fury in your inbox! Join 2, other subscribers Email Address Subscribe. White Stag is about goblins and Erlkings and monstrous girls… So basically a checklist of things I quite enjoy reading. Thank you to Pan Macmillan Australia for the review-copy!

This was out Jan, ! It seemed very rushed, the main characters didn't even have time to know each other's names, and they were forever bonded. Very superficial and weak plot. I do like this series. It is full of hot alpha males. In this case one that loves My Little Pony, I'm not judging. But I need something with more meat on it, something more thought out. I will probably continue to read this series but not too soon. Jul 08, Valentina rated it liked it Shelves: downloaded , werewolves , vampires , witches , paranormal , supernatural , magic , lonely-male-lead.

This review contains spoilers Ok, so obviously there's a pattern here for the King books: 1 the male lead has been alone for thousands of years and really wants to find his queen. Yea, let's just say these books are becoming predictable. I'm only continuing to read them because I already started the series and have to finish it. It's a curse that I always have to finish what I start. Once again, we have a book with a bland romance but at least a better overarching plot. I just don't feel the love!!!

There are so many other books where I can say "Wow, now that's what I call love", and this isn't one of them. Can someone please give that girl her HEA? Honestly, it's torturing the reader and her. There's just no creativity to the series, no imagination, and nothing tying the books or the characters together except that they're all kings and queens. And it also sucks that there's nothing special about each queen. All we know is that they are more powerful than the kings, but none of them have their own unique power.

Well, Diana can heal and is a seer, which is progress, but the books before that did not make the queens seem like anything special. It would be great if each queen had a special power that was needed in the final battle to defeat the great evil plaguing the world. Seriously, I can see these books going so many more interesting and diverse ways, but I guess HKW doesn't. For example, HKW didn't make anything of the fact that Diana is the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology and that Artemis is the Greek version of the goddess. I mean, it was important in that the Fae kings all consider the moon sacred and thus their queens would somehow be related to the moon, but that's all; no cool powers, no cool ancestry connections, etc.

For example, Diana could have had some special power over the moon, the tides, and gravity, since that is all related. And Chloe, from the previous book, could have had control over space, the stars, the planets, and all that comes with it. So overall, an OK read. I'm going to keep reading the series only because I'm in too deep and have to know what happens regarding the Egyptian gods and the evil power that is rising.

May 25, R. Though all her characters have felt real and alive, this book some how brought a new life with it. Damon and Diana bonding over their love of Highlander, and Damon the Goblin King loving My Little Ponies just brought humor and common silliness that made these characters become real people. No more of those paranormal men who have lived centuries and are bored with the world.

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Damon may have been around a long long long time, practically trapped in the Goblin kingdom, but he loves Netflix and like Though all her characters have felt real and alive, this book some how brought a new life with it. Damon may have been around a long long long time, practically trapped in the Goblin kingdom, but he loves Netflix and likes Shutterfly the pony the least. And hearing witches complain about jobs they're only working to look normal cracked me up. It was exciting and action packed, but it also had those moments that we've all had in our everyday lives that is just absolutely ridiculous to hear from these powerful people and yet nice.

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If you've reached this novel then you pretty much already know what to expect. Things are getting darker and harder for all the good guys but Killough-Walden managed to make this story rife with humor and movie references that you can't help but love, and in so doing love the characters all the more. A truly wonderful book. May 24, Michelle Leah Olson rated it it was amazing Shelves: to-be-reviewed , literal-addiction-books.

Another amazing read from HKW! Exciting, full of heart, and a wonderful continuation of a spectacular series. I particularly enjoyed the pop culture references May 30, Cristina Alvarez rated it it was amazing. Definite must read! Full of action and just the right amount of Romance. I get sucked into this series more and more with each book! Oct 05, Lucina rated it it was ok Shelves: e-book , did-not-finish , genre-paranormal-romance. I especially wasn't a fan of the side story with apparently all the MCs from the previous three novels in the series, those parts weren't interesting at all.

Maybe because I didn't read the previous book or because I was reading this for the romance and all the chapters from POV's of other characters got on my nerves.

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The characters were okay, but I'm not a fan of the insta-love or soulmate stuff, because I didn't see any chemistry between the two. The writing was nice but I think it's better to read all the books in series in order and I'm not invested enough to read a 13!

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Jun 02, Avey Shannon rated it it was amazing. This series has gotten stronger with each new installment as the individual King meets his queen. Damon Chroi, our Goblin King, is a strong, handsome, funny, but lonely man who has been exiled by his own kind and his queen Diana Piper, who also has a very protective, strong, and loving personality; are a perfect couple who as their love develops also finds that they have a very unique and funny common love. I largely recommend that the previous three novels of The Kings series and if possible the Big Bad Wolf series be read to really appreciate the connection between the main characters of The Goblin King and the other characters in this continuing, very fascinating and exciting storyline.

Sep 05, Megan rated it it was amazing.